We believe in the idea of The American Dream, but only when it is accessible to ALL.

We believe in an equitable pursuit of happiness, for ALL people who call America home.

We believe your probability to succeed in life should be determined by how hard you work, and NEVER by where you are born or who you are born to.

We believe reading is the foundation for true freedom.

We believe in the transformative power of reading; literacy for all should be a key performance indicator in defining our success as a country.

We believe in citizenship, not just in how it outlines our rights and privileges BUT more importantly how it defines our duties; we must all get into the “arena” to make our communities better for future generations.

We believe in servanthood, thinking of others first.

We believe in striving to live a life of significance, not just success.

We believe significant people do things NOW, especially when it comes to inequity; there should be no patience or tolerance for imbalance in equitable opportunity.

We believe in taking risks, innovating and iteration, especially on behalf of others who are less fortunate.

We believe in being unrealistic.

We believe there is incredible redemptive value in giving; when we give, we receive.

We believe if you are going to wear something or utilize something, it should always be taken as an opportunity to stand for something.

We believe in having uncomfortable conversations and taking uncomfortable actions on behalf of the most vulnerable.

We believe Freadom is worth the fight.