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Wonder Hunt: A Seek-and-Find Bingo Adventure



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    Wonder Hunt is an epic treasure hunt that will change how the elementary school crowd sees and experiences the things, beings, and places around them.

    Part game, part nature journal, part creative scrapbook, part meditation, Wonder Hunt will change how kids, and their families, see and value the world around them. A delightful game of bingo combined with a field journal encourages moving through everyday life with curiosity. A 500-item treasure hunt encourages players to see, think, and ask questions—to wonder—and offers a playful way to look up from screens, be present, and interpret the world through personal writing and drawings. Our guide, Aunt Lea, has curated 20 thematic chapters, each with a first-person introduction and 25-item bingo board. A pocket holds the “chips” (numbered stickers) to mark the board as each item is found. Lightweight, flexible, and compact, the book can go anywhere—home, school, sports, car—and becomes a keepsake of a specific time in a kid’s life, a snapshot of how they see their world.

    • Author: Lea Redmond reveals the extraordinary hiding in the ordinary: a saltshaker, a penny, hand gestures, clouds. Lea creates books, toys, games, and small adventures that invite humans of all ages to be curious, playful, and kind. Lea works and plays in Oakland, California.

    • A best-selling book from Collective Book Studio

    • Interest Level: Ages 7 - 11

    • Reading Level: Grade 2 - 4

    • Hardcover, 168 pages, 5.5" x .7" x 9.5"