What’s “Woke Washing”?

You gotta put your money where your mouth is, agree? Companies are facing increasing demands from all sides to be conscious of their social impact. Consumers, more than any other time in history, want to make purchases from companies they feel good about. Employees want to work in a culture that is cognizant of the surrounding communities and the pressing social issues of our times. Gone are the days of the big greedy giant clamoring for more of the marketplace, heedless of the destruction left in its wake. Or are they?

When a company gets a social impact makeover from a PR firm, it can often be less about their practices and more about the façade they erect. When entities hijack a social issue to make a profit, they can be accused of “woke washing”, and nobody’s buying it. Integrity is built from the inside out and top down. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a trend, it is a major feature of the company’s profile. Savvy investors, employees, job applicants and consumers are looking at CSR reports with keen eyes for the integrity, accountability and responsibility they demand.

What’s happening? Many businesses are responding and getting their social act together. Freadom Promotions offers companies mega CSR credibility without additional dollars. Here at Freadom Promotions, we take existing marketing budgets and objectives and turn them into win-win-wins all around. Consumers, employees and stakeholders will be wowed when they learn that 100% of the profits from their promotional items have been invested in efforts that positively impact literacy in America. Investing in literacy hits at every level, now that’s woke!

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