Onefer, Twofer, Threefer

“Things are just really busy right now.” – everyone

“When things slow down I will…” – anonymous

“In your down time.” – people who think other people have ‘down time’

It’s more than a cliché to be very busy, it’s a lifestyle, a norm, even a social status indicator.  Even when we have vacations, we’re posting about the #sweetlife or #vacaallday. To me, being totally relaxed means my screens are far, far away. However, how does taking a break affect your business? It’s not good. When you socialize and promote your business via media channels, you know the basic rules:

  • Post consistently
  • Post frequently
  • Post only quality content

The social media game is like Chinese jump rope. Keep it light, stay on your feet, stay present, and avoid slowing down or getting off rhythm because that will result in an abrupt end to your play. Game over. 

What is a busy and prosperous company to do? What about the solopreneurs, how does a person wear so many hats? Let’s talk about twofers. A twofer happens when you have to do one thing, but two things are accomplished at once. For instance, I have to go to the grocery store. If I take my aunt Zuzu, I can spend quality time with her while doing my shopping, it’s a two-for-one, a twofer. Another example, I’m a solopreneur and I have to buy pens for my office, I may as well buy pens with my logo on them. Another twofer.

Now let’s think bigger than that. I have to buy pens; I may as well promote my company with my brand and support literacy efforts at the same time. Now we have a “threefer”! Imagine the threefer you could have if you share Freadom Promotion’s posts about literacy and make a statement of commitment to work with us. You get consistent, frequent, and relevant content that makes you look like the good person you are, gives your brand recognition, and gives vulnerable communities a lift up toward literacy. Cheers to that, threefers are on US!

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