Have you Heard?

If you’ve worked in a restaurant or bar, you may already know the scene backstage in the kitchen is a kind of organized chaos ruled by the top chef. Anyone who enters their domain is instantly a serf. Unlike a fiefdom, however, there’s a poetry in the motion in a well-run kitchen. There’s, high heat, high pressure, lots of people, deadlines are measured in seconds and communication must be simple and effective. That last part, efficient communication, is where the magic happens. A kitchen crew may not look or sound like ballerinas or basketball stars, but when they converge to make a meal, they coalesce into a unified and synchronistic team.

Not many people embrace hierarchies these days but when you have a high stress situation like this, it’s imperative to have the roles defined. It is critical to the final product that one person choreographs and directs all the moving parts, in other words, that sauce isn’t gonna stir itself. So, when you’re in a kitchen at peak times you’ll hear some orders being barked by the top chef and then you’ll hear, “Yes chef.” Period. No discussion, debate, excuses or votes. If a statement is made by the top chef, the only proper response is, “Heard chef.” Isn’t that refreshing?

How often do we just want to hear that the words coming out of our mouth are landing, received, and processed by the person we’re speaking to? We all just want to be heard, don’t we? With Freadom Promotions, YOU are the top chef and when you tell us what you need and how you want your product to look, you will be HEARD.

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