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Hi, it’s Christy, Owner & Steward of Freadom Promotions; welcome to my “out of office” blog.

Why name it “out of office”? Because this blog will contain real life information about our mission; branding and marketing through promotional products; and the services we offer in a laid back and conversational tone. I’d like you to feel like you’re out of the office, we’re enjoying a cup ‘o joe in some cushy chairs and getting to real life without the polish and structure of a professional setting. Go ahead, slump a little, grab a cup of something, tuck your feet under you and let’s be real together. Sit down for this one…

45 million adults in America are functionally illiterate and read below a 5th grade level.

I’ve been in social work most of my career and most recently I was a home visitor to parents of babies prenatal to three. The statistic above hits close to home because I know parents who fall into that category, and I know their hardships. I know their demanding work schedules and I’ve seen them struggle to give their children what they need for growth and development. My stomach is in knots knowing the barriers in front of their children, right from birth. Our beneficiaries are doing critical work to turn these statistics into history. Let’s help them! How?

100% of net profits from Freadom Promotions are invested in bold literacy initiatives throughout the country which are effective, efficient, sustainable and scalable.

Let’s team up and achieve your marketing objectives with promotional items which will boost your profile AND sustain effective programs proven to conquer our nation’s literacy crisis. We’ve leveraged more than 20 years of experience in the promo products industry. We’re ready, let’s make positive things happen for everyone. Sip your matcha latte or your glass of vino and give me a call – when you’re back in the office of course… or not. Hope to see you next time when I blog about cleaning up your marketing act.

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  • You are a gem, Christy! This initiative will make a true impact in our very own community. Kudos to you for recognizing the need for and creating the conduit leading us to uphold our collective responsibility.

    Tricia Goldfarb on
  • Can’t wait for your words of wisdom!

    Bobbie on

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