Snail or cannon?

Happy NEW YEAR! But I feel like that's already old news.  I've missed meeting you "on the page" over the past few weeks but hoping you had a good Holiday.  I enjoyed some awesome time with my family, there's nothing better.

Yes, that's right, it's already January 7th, 2023, one week is already gone in this new year.  

When the Holidays come to a close and the calendar flips from one year to the next...

Do you feel like a snail?  Everything seems to be moving slower, and you seem to be moving the slowest.  Motivating is tough.

Or, do you feel like you got shot out of a cannon? Everything is moving fast, the Holidays feel like a distant memory already.  And you feel like you are already behind.

I ALWAYS feel like I've been shot out of a cannon but no more so than the beginning of each year.  So, I've just accepted it, put on my helmet, buckled my seatbelt and off we go!

Domino Masters

So, I've made mention of Legomasters in the past.  Thanks to Ziggy, my family is super into it - good clean, family fun!  Grown adult teams of two, some related, some friends, building elaborate lego builds based on creative prompts, all timed of course.  Guaranteed to entertain.

Recently, Season 3 came to an end, always sad.

So, we were interested to see if there might be some other "masters" series we might be able to get into while awaiting Season 4 of LEGO Masters.

And guess what? Sound the trumpets, there is!

You got it, Domino Masters.

O...M...Goodness, this will blow your mind.  Thank me later.


 Is there a better game than Scrabble?  Scrabble is a big game in my family, especially around the Holidays.  It's fun and educational, AND, always good for a wonderful debate on what is a word, and what isn't.

This week's WOTW is the most commonly used scrabble word...

Qi - we've all used this word at one point, right? If you haven't, and you play scrabble, this word might come in handy at some point, but what does it mean?  The circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy & medicine.

Looking forward to upping my Scrabble game in 2023, who's with me?



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