Do YOU read?

“The man (or woman) who can read but does not has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” – Mark Twain is credited with this quote, but the debate continues

Whoever said it, it’s so true.

Takeaway… if you CAN read, READ… when you’re done reading, read some more!



There are just some words which deserve a good ‘ole, “go look it up.”

This week’s word, rumspringa, is one such word.

Even if it’s on google.

All I’ll say is, makes sense in theory.


Back to School

It’s that time of year once again.

For me as a student, this time of year was both bitter AND sweet.

Unfortunately, I never loved school, though I’ve always loved learning.

So “back to school” time was one I dreaded. 9 months, can I make it another 9 months?

When you’re young, 9 months is a very long time! For me, it was pure “survival.”

At the same time, I LOVE Fall.

The smells, the coolness in the air, the plants begin to retreat.

The Holidays forthcoming, basketball season within reach, a warm cup of soup and each week ending in football. The final quarter of one year and the fresh start of a new calendar year within our sights.

If you’re a student… it’s another fresh start, embrace each challenge, don’t wish any day away. Good luck!

If you’re a teacher… THANK YOU. We are grateful for your service. We are with you and behind you!

If you’re a parent… we wish you patience and strength.

If you’re a coach… thank you for all you do to help shape our children and help prepare them for life.

Let’s all make 2022/2023 our best!


The 1990’s called…

Last week, I wrote about some things I missed from the 80’s, this week, the 90’s gets the love.

  • DIAL UP internet… the “screeches” as you waited, until your mom picked up the phone

  • SPICE GIRLS… not!

  • GETTING LAST COPY OF A MOVIE AT BLOCKBUSTER… Netflix makes it too easy

  • DOC MARTENS… but never quite my jam

  • GRUNGE MUSIC… soundtrack to senior year of high school, freshmen year of college

  • ZIMA… really? Can’t believe we drank that stuff

  • WALKMAN… and the huge cases we carried all our CD’s in

  • AUSTIN POWERS… they just don’t make them like this anymore

  • MAGIC EYE PICTURES… still convinced this was a hoax, I never “saw” one of them

  • “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…” thank you Whitney

  • BEEPERS… sorry, gotta run… actually, I never owned one of those

What do you miss from the 90’s? Comment below!


Things that make you go HMMM… sources unknown

“The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue.”

“The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon.”

“I have seen more of the surface of the Moon with my own eyes than I have of Earth.”

“Security at every level of an airport is absolutely ridiculous. Until you get to the baggage claim. Then it’s just, like, take whatever bag you want.”

“At special occasions, girls with curly hair straighten it and girls with straight hair curl it.”

“The first person who inhaled helium must have been so relieved when the effects wore off.”

“Pets are the one-percenters of animals.”

“Imagine how rich you would’ve had to be 200 years ago to have music playing in the background while you cook dinner.”

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