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Inflation has been a common topic for months now.

If you are a consumer of pretty much anything, you’ve felt the impact of inflation personally, it’s real.

Consumer prices have increased 8% over the past 12 months, food prices increased by 11 percent with energy prices increasing by 30%. As a point of reference, though the Federal Reserve has not established a formal inflation “target,” policymakers believe an acceptable rate of inflation is around 2% or lower.

How does this impact non-profits?

Well first, during periods of high inflation, many donors are inclined to give less as their household budgets take significant “hits” due to an increased cost of living. At the same time, expenses are significantly increasing for the non-profits they support. Consequently, revenues for non-profits drop while the cost to deliver the service increases. Meanwhile, the “demand” for help from those needing support increases as well. It’s a perfect storm.

The result? Less service to those in need during a time they need it the most.


What does “busy” really mean?

How many times have you asked someone how things are going, and they answer, “busy, just super busy?” I’m guilty of that answer myself. It seems we are all “busy”.

But what does that really mean? Busy good, busy bad, busy succeeding, busy failing?

Given we’re all busy, is “busy” really an answer?

I think if someone asks us that question, we have so much more to offer, right?

Let’s take the answer “busy” out of our repertoire, share something that’s meaningful.


Things that make you go hmmm…without comment

  • Some companies have begun offering “pawternity” leave for pet owners
  • The Netherlands is the first country to legalize work-from-home rights
  • 4 foods which make you more regular: avocado, kefir, oats & prunes
  • Coral that lives at 148 feet below the ocean’s surface glow radiant green or orange
  • Broccoli grown on the underside of solar panels makes the broccoli greener
  • The oldest living land animal in the world is 190 years old, his name is Jonathan and he is a Seychelles giant tortoise
  • Scientists from University of Applied Sciences recently calculated the irrational number pi out to 62.8 trillion decimal points



Honorable mention this week, toxic.

Seems to be THE WORD of our times. It seems everything is toxic.

But isn’t calling everything toxic, somewhat toxic in its own way?

This week’s winner is everything but toxic, RAKtivist. Huh?

That’s right…it’s short for “Random Acts of Kindness activist”.

Currently, there are 43,707 registered RAKtivists from 89 countries.

You can be one too, just go to

I’m IN, join me.

43,707 people is a lot of people, yes.

But not to throw a wet towel on this positive fire, but there are 7.7 billion people on planet earth.

Just one more thing, Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th.

  1. Shouldn’t this day be every day that ends in “Y”?
  2. Though I understand the impact of something which is unexpected, shouldn’t we just be trying to be kind un-randomly?

Let’s make kindness more regular and our unkindness random, if at all.


Good news…read it, make it, share it! 

  • In October of this year, Queens, NY will proudly be running the nation’s grandest composting program. 2.2 million people living in Queens will have a weekly pickup service for organic waste
  • 600 acres of neglected land in Indiana will soon become “Origin Park”, a climate-adaptive park, created for three reasons: climate resiliency, cultural and historical education and positive community impact
  • Just recently, University of Arizona announced that going forward, Native Americans will not have to pay tuition or other academic fees at its main campus in Tucson
  • A recent study shows music helps reconnect dementia patients with their memories
  • Researchers are developing an artificial intelligence program which can automate and optimize the diagnosis process for Alzheimer’s
  • The UN’s World Food Programme is partnering with Uber to get food where it needs to go in the Ukraine
  • Chicago Connected has provided free internet service to more than 64,000 children in need

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