Dear “on the page” followers,

Hoping this finds you well, healthy and choosing happy.

As you may know, I’ve taken the last few weeks off from blogging to celebrate our wedding and spend time with family. To say it was amazing would be a gross understatement, it was one of the “richest” and fullest times of my life. So much so, I thought it a little premature to hop right back into my normal blog format and topics. GRATITUDE is all my mind and heart can focus on at the present moment.

So, let’s do a gratitude dump…

  • Grateful for the love and grace of God, without it, my life would most definitely look & feel different
  • Grateful for my beautiful wife, Christy, for showing me love like I’ve never experienced before
  • Grateful to our children for believing in our new family, loving US and for loving each other
  • Grateful to all our friends and family who made the trip to Chautauqua to celebrate with us
  • Grateful to all of our family and friends who helped in any way to make our wedding special
  • Grateful to my mother, for her continued belief in me and the love she shows to Christy & Benen
  • Grateful to my sister, Lindsey, keep choosing happy
  • Grateful to my Uncle Jack & Aunt Lynn for graciously hosting our wedding and party, epic, we love you
  • Grateful to Christy’s family for welcoming me into the family in such a loving way
  • Grateful for our trip to Maine following the wedding, Ba Haba Baby
  • Grateful for the weather during the entire trip, sunny and crisp
  • Grateful for second chances
  • Grateful to the mother of my children, Jillian, an incredible parenting partner and a special human
  • Grateful to my childhood buddy Randy for officiating the wedding, absolutely beautiful, nailed it
  • Grateful to Marcus and Ryan for making the trip to play stellar live music at the wedding
  • Grateful to the Allen family for extending the comfort of their home to us
  • Grateful for the support and friendship of our Freadom Team and family, Derek & Annie, remarkable
  • Grateful for the special moments with our children, we are blessed
  • Grateful to make it home safely and return to “work” full of purpose, and work I LOVE
  • Grateful to YOU, for your support of literacy for all, and for your support of the Freadom Family

Never felt more energized, invigorated and ready to GO!

Look forward to meeting you next week “on the page”, there’s so much to write about.



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